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The Parish Magazine - Hilltop News

Magazine cover

Essential Reading

The Hilltop News is an excellent way to keep up to date about news, events and other happenings in and around the hilltop villages of St Leonards, Cholesbury, and Hawridge.

It has been masterminded by Anne Butterworth with the support of Christine Haysom and the combined efforts of the three Hilltop villages.

The Hilltop News is distributed FREE to all households in the villages.

It is distributed by volunteers from each of the parishes six times per year. It will be put through letterboxes around the 1st of each month in which it is published. If you are new to the locality and have not seen the Newsletter it is essential reading if you want to keep up to date with what is occurring around the Parish.

The magazine welcomes all letters and articles which are of general interest and relevance to the Hilltop Villages. Copy should be received by the Editor by the 13th of January for the February-March issue, for example.

Letters should ideally run to no more than 200 words and articles to about 700 words and material may sometimes be edited for reasons of space.

Read the recent editions here:

Magazine Jan 2016 Magazine Dec 2015 Magazine Oct 2015 Magazine Aug 2015 Magazine Jun 2015 Magazine Apr 2015 Magazine Feb 2015 Magazine Dec 2014 Magazine Oct 2014 Magazine Aug 2014 Magazine Jun 2014 Magazine Apr 2014 Magazine Feb 2014 Magazine Dec 2013 Magazine Oct 2013 Magazine Aug 2013 Magazine Jun 2013 Magazine Apr 2013 Magazine Feb 2013 Magazine Oct 2012 Magazine Aug 2012 Magazine Jun 2012 Magazine Apr 2012 Magazine Feb 2012 Magazine Dec 2011 Magazine Oct 2011 Magazine Aug 2011 Magazine Jun 2011 Magazine Apr 2011 Magazine Feb 2011 Magazine Dec 2010 Magazine Oct 2010 Magazine Aug 2010 Magazine Jun 2010 Magazine Apr 2010 Magazine Feb 2010 Magazine Dec 09 Magazine Oct 2009 Magazine Aug 2009 Magazine Jun 2009 Magazine Apr 2009 Magazine Feb 2009 Magazine Dec 2008 Magazine Oct 2008 Magazine Aug 2008 Magazine Jun 2008 Magazine Apr 2008 Magazine Feb 2008 Magazine Dec 2007 Magazine Oct 2007 Magazine Aug 2007 Magazine Jun 2007 Magazine Apr 2007 Magazine Feb 2007

(all files approx 3 Mbyte PDF)

2016 February          
2015 February April June August October December        
2014 February April June August October December
2013 February April June August October December
2012 February April June August October  
2011 February April June August October December
2010 February April June August October December
2009 February April June August October December
2008 February April June August October December
2007 February April June August October December
2006 December


The Priest-In-Charge of the Four Parishes:

   The Rev. David Burgess:
   The Vicarage, The Lee

   Tel: 837315
   Email d.burgess@clara.net


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